Sunday, January 29, 2012

T-minus Seven Weeks...

Hello once again, friends! A lot has been happening in the past week with Pure Water Access Project, and we are excited to see so much support coming from the community. Our facebook page and twitter account continue to grow, as does our list of donors. With only seven weeks left until we depart for El Bejuco, Boaco, Nicaragua, we are working hard to ensure that your money and our time and effort is being put towards conducting the most thorough and efficient study as possible.

Many of you have been generous in offering contacts who may be able to help us grow as an organization, and we are also busy pursuing those. In addition to these various people, we are reaching out to local businesses and church groups for potential endorsements. Again, the response has been incredible, and we are so glad to see how many people believe in the cause!

Overall, things are progressing smoothly. We are finalizing approval of the study through the International Review Board, and that will be one of our final matters of business to attend to before departure. Stay tuned on twitter (@ThePWAP) and facebook ( throughout the week.

Til next time,

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